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Outdoor Stories

Outdoor Stories

Why Not Buy a Timeshare?

Sure, you’ve heard the stories. A nice couple is invited to dinner at an opulent location, like a beautiful restaurant at a very ritzy, upscale hotel in a special destination like Disneyland or Vegas. They are given a presentation…

Outdoor Stories

How to Have a Great First Day at Work

The very first day at a new job can be quite stressful. For jobs in large offices, the first hectic day might involve becoming lost, awkward interactions with new coworkers, and the inability to perform the job correctly. These…

Outdoor Stories

Peru Adventure Stories

To join two localities in the jungle of the Republic of Peru, the author had to travel as a passenger in a truck load of people and goods. The poor state of road and weather conditions made the journey…

Outdoor Stories

Fellow traveler

It seems that a fellow traveler had heard tale of the food pilfering bears that inhabited the campground areas of the park and so decided to “bear proof” his food stuffs by building an enormous wood vault. The sides…

bear sniffed the box
Outdoor Stories

Bear sniffed the box

The bear sniffed the box (I never said it was air tight) and pondered for a moment…then with a swipe of it’s paw hit the box squarely on the end and sent it careening down the table. The box…