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Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips

Alaska’s Finest Fishing

Seward Alaska fishing is a fun-filled and memorable adventure for anglers of all ages and whether you and your family are experts or just beginners. You can choose from a variety of charters that will provide all needed rods,…

Fishing Tips

Choosing Lures

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re leaving early in the morning to spend the day fishing a lake that you have never fished before but have heard the bass are biting really well. Dinner is over, you’ve appeased your…

Fishing Tips

Caring For Your Fishing Equipment

There will always be fishing situations that we have no control over which will result in losing a fish. It hurts, especially when it’s a big fish, but it happens it’s part of the sport. What we can have…

Fishing Tips

Slip Floats

Slip floats do as the name implies. They slip on the line to a predetermined stopping point, allowing you to fish any depth you desire. Most floats can be used as slip floats. Any float with a central hollow…

Fishing Tips

How About Trout and Salmon

Many of you must be wondering if these techniques would work as well for trout and salmon. The answer is an emphatic yes. In British Columbia, where the float is used by almost every river anglers thousands of salmon…

deepth control
Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips: Depth Control

The first step in steelheading with a float is to adjust for proper depth. Your goal is to place your bait or lure about one foot above the bottom. If your float continually drags under or tips downstream as…

Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips: Detecting Strikes

Veteran steelheaders tell us the one skill that separates the top rods from the wannabes is the ability to feel the subtle pick-up of a steelhead. Learning the elusive difference between a pick-up and a rock is vital, but…

Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips: Precise Line Control

Another advantage of floats is the ease of placing your lure smack-dab in the middle of a steelhead’s lie. Suppose you want to fish a long seam where slow and fast currents meet. No problem. Simply cast your float…

upstream casts
Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips: Upstream Casts

Upstream casts with a float are as simple as down and across casts with conventional techniques. All you need to do is flip the float upstream and begin reeling in line as it moves downstream toward you. Your float…