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November 2011

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Alaska’s Kigluaik Mountains

A Rugged Range above Nome for Year-Round Backcountry Adventuring The Kiguluaik Moutains are inviting for their ruggedness and awesome beauty. Visitors will find all kinds of superb recreational opportunities, from fishing, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering and backcountry skiing to snowmobiling,…

Contemplating life on the Kenai
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Kickin’ Back on the Kenai

A Mellow Traveler Cuts His Own Path Across an Alaskan Trove About the only thing that isn’t overpriced in Alaska is advice. Folks still dispense it for free just like in the Lower 48, and right now I’m getting…

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National Historic Trails – Iditarod

Jurisdiction: Bureau of Land Management Established: 1978 Route: 2,450 miles, main route 900 (3,945 km, main route 1,450) The Iditarod is a system of historic trails made famous by Alaska gold prospectors and their dog teams during the late…

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Glacier Bay National Park Hiking

Hiking in Glacier Bay is generally a true on-your-own, wilderness experience. Access to the backcountry generally requires a drop-off by tour boat or float-plane. There are no backcountry trails, but beaches, recently deglaciated areas, and alpine meadows offer excellent…

Arctic National Park
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Gates of the Arctic National Park

Arctic Alaska is one of the greatest wilderness areas in the world. It is a delicate balance of tundra, boreal forest, coastal plains, and mountains. It’s vastness is deceiving because the Arctic ecosystem is extremely fragile and is easily…

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Denali National Park

The rewards of hiking in Denali are many: spectacular vistas, encounters with wildlife, and the experience of being alone in wilderness. However, Denali has practically no trails. Most hiking is cross-country. Be prepared for uneven terrain, streams and brush.…

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Exploring Alaska on Foot

A Roundup of Spectacular Places Alaska’s land area is nearly equal in size to half of the rest of the United States. Imagine traveling from San Diego to Atlanta, and you’ll have grasped the approximate east-west span of this…