Hiking – Ketchikan Trails

701 Shelokum Lake Trail 2.2 miles from Bailey Bay to Lake Shelokum Shelter. Access to Bailey Bay Hot Springs-one of the most scenic areas you will ever experience! The trail is challenging. A landslide has buried the trail in one place. Expect to scramble over rocks on a steep sidehill in this area. Mooring buoy […]


Misty Fiords Trails

Hugh Smith Lake Distance (miles): 0.25 Feature: Boca De Quadra to Hugh Smith Lake USGS Topographic Map”Ketchikan”: A-3Punchbowl Lake Distance (miles): 1.0 Feature: Punchbowl Cove to Punchbowl shelter USGS Topographic Map “Ketchikan”: C-3


Hooter and Castle River Trails

The Hooter Trail leads from the Castle Flats Cabin to the Castle River Cabin. The Castle River Trail continues upstream from the Castle River Cabin to the boat tie-up. The trail is an enjoyable day hike from either cabin.Combined Length (one way): 1.2 miles


Hiking – Wrangell Trails

Aaron Creek Trail Length 4 miles, located on mainland 22 miles SE of town by boat, in Berg Bay. Anan Creek Trail Length 1 mile, located on mainland 31 miles south of town by boat, trail starts at Anan Bay Cabin.Berg Creek Trail Length 4 miles, located on mainland 22 miles SE of town by […]

Juneau Trails

Hiking – Juneau Trails

Amalga (Eagle Glacier) Trail Length 7.5 miles, elevation gain 500 feet, located at mile 28.4 of Glacier Highway. Auke Nu (John Muir) Trail Length 2.5 miles, elevation gain 1552 feet, located at mile 123 of Glacier Highway, then .8 miles up Spaulding trail. Bessie Creek Trail Length 1.25 miles, elevation gain 900 feet, located at […]

Skagway Trails

Hiking – Skagway Trails

Chilkoot Trail Length 33 miles, total elevation gain 3680 feet, begin at mile 8 of Dyea Rd. Denver Glacier Length 3.5 miles, total elevation gain 1200 feet, begin at milepost 6 on the White Pass 1pma1 Yukon Railroad. Laughton Glacier Length 1.5 miles, total elevation gain 200 feet, begin at milepost 14 on the White […]