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Outdoor Stories

Peru Adventure Stories

To join two localities in the jungle of the Republic of Peru, the author had to travel as a passenger in a truck load of people and goods. The poor state of road and weather conditions made the journey…

bear sniffed the box
Outdoor Stories

Bear sniffed the box

The bear sniffed the box (I never said it was air tight) and pondered for a moment…then with a swipe of it’s paw hit the box squarely on the end and sent it careening down the table. The box…

Outdoor Stories

Yellowstone National Park

A good portion of their journey was spent in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This one stop gave rise to more of my father’s campfire stories than any other single event during the journey. One in particular stands out…


Halibut tid bits

Remember how last winters┬╣ halibut bite took all by surprise? I sure hope it repeats itself. Here is a couple of fishing tips that might help you to catch more and bigger flatties. This applies to when you are…

topwater fishing

Topwater fishing

The topwater plug has got to rate right at the top when it comes to the different baits and the kind of reaction they draw when they are presented just right. From the subtle” tap tap “on a Texas…

snake charmer

Snake charmer

I guess it was back in the early eighties when Billy Palmer decided to drain his lake and dig out around the banks. It was a classic East Texas farm pond, with one exception, the cows didn’t have access…