San Francisco

After more than a year of preparation completely “do it yourself”, finally came the moment of departure. We start from Torino with a stopover in Frankfurt to San Francisco, the plane is on time and at about 16:15 we landed on American soil we pass the checks and collect your luggage … finally we are […]

San Francisco is the Golden Gate

Don’t be afraid to try new things

There is no doubt that the great icon of the city of San Francisco is the Golden Gate , the large suspension bridge that crosses the majestic San Francisco Bay, which is a must visit on your sightseeing trip. This bridge serves to unite the freeway San Francisco Peninsula with the coastal town of Sausalito […]


San Francisco and most notorious prison

By this time of year we are starting to plan, it may seem abrupt, the trips we want to do in 2014 and, as always, the United Kingdom s is among them, always comes to mind travel to New York , but a good alternative to be account is San Francisco. “The Rock” went from […]