Do not smoke or light fires

Smoking is not only contradictory when trying to enjoy outdoor exercise and a natural environment, but may be the cause of a wildfire, and discomfort for the rest of non-smokers, smokers who do precisely the nature outings to forget the cigarette and the local fauna. Either way, it is forbidden to light fires for any […]

Hunting safety

Hunting safety

Safety comes first. Hunting is enjoyable but if you are not safe in hunting then it makes trouble for the hunter. Before you start hunting you could take hunting safety course. It’s make your make hunting safe enjoyable and memorable. Always carry the gun pointing towards the ground or into the sky, never in the […]


Do not lose sight of the group

Never lose sight of the group. Especially if it goes back, we must never lose sight of the person immediately before us to prevent loss. This applies both to those who can stay behind and on the tail guide or “second” (the latter, which brings up the rear), and those who want to advance the […]


Toenails should be cut

You have to cut your toenails before a walk. To avoid injuries. It seems silly, but if left long nails of the feet, these shoes strike the steep down hills and can cause injuries to fingers, toenails, etc..

first aid kit

Take a first aid kit

Clearly, however short it is a crossing route or outdoors, and it is the activity that is (cycling, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, horseback riding, etc..) A first aid kit can always be useful . Travelling in a group, must always be at least one, and ideally, each person also has some individual stocks to treat minor […]


Safety standards for the practice of cycling

In both types of cycling path or road, as one of the many variants of mountain biking, mountain bike or mountain bike, we can talk about certain common basic standards that improve our safety and that of other persons, vehicles or bicycles we can cross our path. Security in cycling, as in any other outdoor […]


For safety, outdoor activities: Go in groups with at least two guides

In any outdoor activity on land for large groups (more than 5 persons) and / or made by people inexperienced in the activity in question (hiking, trekking, mountaineering, horseback riding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, etc..) The have at least two persons responsible or guides (one that goes forward, and another to go back) is essential. […]


For safety, outdoor activities: choosing not exceed the physical or technical level of travel

Any outdoor activity or similar experiences, like any sport, has a physical component and technical (skill or difficulty) determined. Many agencies and adventure climbing rate this degree of difficulty in numbered levels (level 1, level 2, etc.) Or names (low difficulty, medium difficulty, etc.) Both together, as separating the physical demands of technical and coordinative […]