The Benefits of Raising Horses In the Sunny State of Florida

Across the United States, horses are raised and cared for. In the north, owners must take special care of their animals during the cold winter months. This has made Florida an incredibly popular state to live in with equine enthusiasts, as the winters are very mild and quite enjoyable. With all of the benefits that […]


Horseriding 101 for Total Newbies

Congratulations on your decision to try horseback riding! The ability to mix exercise and recreational pursuits with a noble animal is an unparalleled experience. As a novice equestrian, there are a few things you will want to know before heading to the yard or taking to the saddle that will make your first outing that […]

snowmobile riding

Holiday Safety Tips for snowmobile

The snowmobile has been for as long as 1900. However, the modern form of the snowmobile was Carl Eliason in 1924 that gave them the power of gas. Later, the Finnish military bought the patent for snowmobiles and started making for use in the military. In later times this became a past time for the […]