How to prepare your hand luggage for air travel

1. Choose either the suitcase. Keep in mind the rules of the company you travel, especially in terms of dimensions and weight. The passenger must check your baggage at the counter assigned to the airline. In turn there will be given a boarding pass and baggage check. For safety, it is recommended to passenger not […]

Wildland Ethics – Plan Ahead and Prepare

Carefully designing your trip to match your expectations and outdoor skill level is the first step in being prepared . Make inquiries with local land managers about the character and popularity of your intended destination. Many wilderness areas suffer from overuse and it is important to seek alternative locations when possible. The information gathered can […]


Plan Ahead and Prepare

Planning ahead will help make your outing safer and more fun. Consider the size of your group, the type of place you want to go and your equipment and food needs. Some areas are closed to pack animals, mountain bikes or pets due to overuse or fragile environments. There may be specific requirements for stock […]