Chemical and physical protection against the sun

The incidence of solar radiation and UVA and UVB harmful rays that reach the Earth is growing. With knowledge of how to protect ourselves we can reduce the risk of skin cancer, which is becoming more common. Whether you are outdoors for leisure purposes in the natural environment as we move through the city outside, […]


Eat properly before and during physical exertion

As we know, water is essential for life more than food, and will always be something that we have to take any outdoor activity of some physical intensity or duration. Water is not only necessary for drinking, but can also be useful (for example) to clean a wound by applying first aid. Therefore always be […]


For safety, outdoor activities: choosing not exceed the physical or technical level of travel

Any outdoor activity or similar experiences, like any sport, has a physical component and technical (skill or difficulty) determined. Many agencies and adventure climbing rate this degree of difficulty in numbered levels (level 1, level 2, etc.) Or names (low difficulty, medium difficulty, etc.) Both together, as separating the physical demands of technical and coordinative […]