5 Must-Have Accessories for the Outdoor Woman

Say goodbye to heels and skirts. It’s time to catch your own food, build your own shelter and live your own life! If you’re ready to embrace new adventures as a free and uninhibited woman, here are just five essentials before you strike out in the wilderness. 1. Sports Bra This is one of those […]

Identify Osteoarthritis and How to Find Relief

5 Ways to Help Your Hubby Recover from a Flag Football Game

Nothing says Saturday than watching your husband recapturing his high school glory days playing flag football. Just like those good old days, you cheer and root for him as his team marches on to victory. What a great day to celebrate and relive good times. That is until the aches and pains return to remind […]


Don’t Miss These Beaches on Your Next US Outdoor Holiday!

Are you thinking of going over to the US for some wonderful fun in the Sun? These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. America’s coasts are blessed with some of the most stunning beaches around the world, from Hawaii’s fabled coves right down to New England, renowned for its unbelievable fishing […]


Dressing For Your Outdoor Lifestyle in New Zealand

Our country really is a beautiful place. We’re blessed with sub-tropical conditions in the north and Antarctic blasts in the south. That gives us snowy mountains, rainforests and perfect golden beaches all in one place, which certainly makes up for our unpredictable weather patterns! Therefore it is no surprise that us New Zealanders have such […]


Outdoor Equipment

A walk outdoors can be a real pleasure, however, if you take a hike plan poorly or badly equipped, you may regret your experience greatly. Before leaving, here are some essential tips to follow for a ride well done. Clothing for a successful outdoor excursion: Hiking boots for hiking in the mountains or walking shoes […]


Areas of rock girls

A flat terrain full of rocks girls (smaller than a handball or handball ball) due to soft mineral (conglomerate, limestone, etc.). Usually easy to navigate, but hunting for the joints. However, if these are lining a slope, the issue was more complicated. Therefore: Post is not impossible, but degrades much this type of soil, in […]

grass or low vegetation.

Drop-offs with grass or low vegetation

The main issue that can walk through a field of grass or low vegetation that we can not avoid walking is the possibility of slipping if it is wet (from dew) or wet, obviously increases the risk the greater the slope of the terrain. Therefore, we must take into account both uphill and downhill: Avoid […]

What to do in an unexpected rain?

“There’s nothing like a nice cabin in which to spend the night on the mountain or forest. However, cabins always have on hand. We can not always spend the night indoors, and in some cases not even have much equipment to do it. We sleep under the stars, or we can try to endure a […]

The mental strength endurance.

Since many assumptions can reach this conclusion. When you have driven in mountainous wild, unexplored and away from the tourist circuit. When you see the behavior of different members of groups exploring along different trips, it can be quickly reached. It sometimes happens that people with little or no training can exceed their fatigue, while […]