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Naha River National Recreation Trail

Fishing and Hiking on Revillagigedo Island Originating at Orton Lake in the interior of Revillagigedo Island, the Naha River flows through a chain of small lakes — finally reaching its full size at the outlet of Heckman Lake. This…

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Hiking – Ketchikan Trails

701 Shelokum Lake Trail 2.2 miles from Bailey Bay to Lake Shelokum Shelter. Access to Bailey Bay Hot Springs-one of the most scenic areas you will ever experience! The trail is challenging. A landslide has buried the trail in…

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Hiking Trails Near Kake

Cathedral Falls Trail . . . Quarter mile hike to good fishing creek Goose Lake Trail . . . Three quarters of a mile to lake with good fishing, hunting and cross country skiing.…

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Hiking – Mitkoff Island Trails

A. Blind River Rapids Trail . . . . Short (0.25 mile) boardwalk trail to one of the most popular fishing spots in southeast Alaska B. Cascade Creek Trail . . . 4 miles along a scenic creek…

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Cascade Creek Trail

This popular trail follows Cascade Creek upstream through cathedral-like timber from the Cascade Creek Cabin to Falls Lake first, then on to the west end of Swan Lake.Length (one way): 4 miles Rating: First 0.5 mile is Easiest; remainder…

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Three Lakes Trail

Try this boardwalk trail for a beautiful hike through the Three Lakes Recreation Area.Combined Length (one way): 4.5 miles Rating: Easiest USGS Map: Petersburg D-3…

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Petersburg Mountain Trail

This challenging trail leads to spectacular views from Narrows Peak at the summit of Petersburg Mountain.Length (one way): 3.5 miles Rating: Most Difficult USGS Map: Petersburg D-3…

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Kah Sheets Lake Trail

This boardwalk trail provides access to Kah Sheets Lake and the Kah Sheets Lake Cabin from Kah Sheets Bay.Length (one way): 2.5 miles Rating: Easiest USGS Map: Petersburg C-4…

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Hiking – Sitka Trails

Beaver Lake Trail. . . Good vistas while walking through wetlands, muskegs and stunted forests. Fishing. Gavan Hill Trail. . . . . Good access to alpine country for exploring and camping.…

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Indian River Trail

Length (one way): 5.5 miles One Way Trip Time: 4 hours Trail Begins: Pumphouse and dam at end of Indian River Road. Trail Ends: Base of Indian River Falls. Trail Rating: Easy. Climbs gradually. Easy to find, clear, in…