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Denali National Park

The rewards of hiking in Denali are many: spectacular vistas, encounters with wildlife, and the experience of being alone in wilderness. However, Denali has practically no trails. Most hiking is cross-country. Be prepared for uneven terrain, streams and brush.…


The Denali Highway – Mountains and Landscape

The Alaska Range follows a broad arc for 650 miles, from Cook Inlet on Alaska’s west coast through the Denali massif and onward to the Canadian border. The Denali Highway passes through alpine tundra, paralleling this band of mountains…

Hiking US

The Denali Highway – Hiking

Those wanting to take a break from the bike or car will find plenty of opportunities for strolling into the wilderness. Just beyond the Tangle Lakes, the Amphitheater Mountains jut out from the Alaska Range. A glacier carved a…

Fishing US

The Denali Highway Fishing

The lakes along the Denali Highway are Arctic Grayling territory. These cousins of the trout typically mature to 13 ounces, though the Alaska state record tips the scales at 4 pounds higher. They are easily fished from May to…


The Denali Highway

Hike, Bike, Paddle and Explore along the Original Gateway to Denali National Park Ten thousand years ago, hunters waited for the caribou around the Tangle Lakes, patiently chipping stones they would use as tools and weapons. A century ago,…


The Denali Highway – History and Prehistory

The Tangle Lakes area contains some of the earliest and most continuous evidence of human occupation in North America, extending back more than 10,000 years. At least four cultures occupied the area: the Denali Complex from 10,500 to 7,000…

Denali high country fishing

Denali highlands adventures

We are located at 18.5 mile on the Denali Highway in the heart of the Denali high country. We offer superb fishing for grayling, lake trout, rainbow trout, burbot, and salmon. Transportation to and from the camp on the…