Outdoor Equipment

A walk outdoors can be a real pleasure, however, if you take a hike plan poorly or badly equipped, you may regret your experience greatly. Before leaving, here are some essential tips to follow for a ride well done. Clothing for a successful outdoor excursion: Hiking boots for hiking in the mountains or walking shoes […]


Bring appropriate clothing and footwear

Wear clothing and footwear appropriate to the terrain that we will pass, and the expected weather for the day. It is convenient to turn to dress in layers. This implies, therefore, be informed in advance as to the earth and the weather forecast, or else on the recommendations of the managers of the excursion.

outdoor boots

wear boots with some use

Wear boots and clothing with a certain application. This rule applies primarily to the boots or buskin (military boots), no slippers or shoes. The boots we hold the ankle, making them less likely to have injuries at this joint sprains, due both to the shaft of the boot (at least they should be “half round”) […]


Outdoor Clothing Buy – Make sure you should

Outdoor clothing has come a long way in recent years. Styles are more versatile, which is something many men can appreciate. The fabric used is light takes more comfortable clothes. Which makes it much easier to move as many of the old styles of clothing? one of the best changes in the tissue is you […]