Properly Dispose of What You Can’t Pack Out

In the backcountry, we create certain waste that usually can not be packed out. This includes human waste and waste water from cooking and washing. Dispose of human waste responsibly. Correctly disposing of human waste helps prevent pollution of water sources, the spread of illness such as Giardia, and aesthetic impacts to other visitors. Some […]

Essential Backpacking Check List

Pack and Pack Cover (or strong trash bag) Tent and Groundcloth Sleeping Bag – 20 degree rated Sleeping Pad Stove and Repair Kit Fuel for Stove: approx. 16 oz/week Cook Kit: w/pot lifter & stir spoon Eating Utensils: bowl, spoon & mug Biodegradable Soap & Scrubbie Water Bottles, minimum 2 liters/quarts or “bladder” style container […]