Petersburg Mountain Trail

This challenging trail leads to spectacular views from Narrows Peak at the summit of Petersburg Mountain.Length (one way): 3.5 miles Rating: Most Difficult USGS Map: Petersburg D-3


Petersburg Lake Trail

This trail follows Petersburg Creek from the Kupreanof state dock to the recreation cabin at Petersburg Lake. The lake, cabin, and much of the trail are in the Petersburg Creek – Duncan Salt Chuck Wilderness.Length (one way): 10.5 miles from Kupreanof State Dock to Petersburg Lake or 6.5 miles from high tide trailhead to lake. […]


Hooter and Castle River Trails

The Hooter Trail leads from the Castle Flats Cabin to the Castle River Cabin. The Castle River Trail continues upstream from the Castle River Cabin to the boat tie-up. The trail is an enjoyable day hike from either cabin.Combined Length (one way): 1.2 miles


Colp Lake Trail

This primitive trail follows Fivemile Creek to Colp Lake.Length (one way): 2.5 miles Rating: More Difficult USGS Maps: Petersburg D-3 and D-4


Mount Verstovia Trail

Length (one way): 2.5 miles One Way Trip Time: 3 hours Trail Begins: 2 miles east of Sitka on Sawmill Creek Road. Trail Ends: Summit of Mt. Verstovia. (See below for names. ) Trail Rating: Difficult. Steep trail with many switchbacks. Tread in poor condition. Wet and muddy. Difficult to find trailhead due to brush. […]


Indian River Trail

Length (one way): 5.5 miles One Way Trip Time: 4 hours Trail Begins: Pumphouse and dam at end of Indian River Road. Trail Ends: Base of Indian River Falls. Trail Rating: Easy. Climbs gradually. Easy to find, clear, in good condition. Some muddy spots. Bears may be present. Recommended Season: All year USGS Maps: Sitka […]


Gavan Hill Trail

Length (one way): 3 miles One Way Trip Time: 3 to 4 hours Trail Begins: Baranof Street, in north Sitka. Trail Ends: Gavan Hill Summit, elevation 2505 feet. Trail Rating: Moderate. Rebuilt in 1993. Steep uphill climb. Bears may be present. Recommended Season: Spring-Summer-Fall USGS Maps: Sitka A-4 Elevation Gain: 2,500 feet Access: The trail […]


Beaver Lake Trail

Length (one way): 0.8 mile One Way Trip Time: 40 minutes Trail Begins: Sawmill Creek Recreation Area. Trail Ends: Beaver Lake Recommended Season: All year USGS Maps: Sitka A-4 Elevation Gain: 250 feet Trail Rating: Moderate. Popular trail well suited to family outings. Tread in fair condition overall. Steep in beginning, then mostly level. Cleared […]