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Set the course depending on the time of daylight

Obviously, going outside without regard to artificial lighting there is minimal media, and most of the time nonexistent, is making a mistake typical citizen is not accustomed to the field to be avoided. The extreme case where the light…

Backpack check list

Basic kit for outdoor activities

Carry a first aid kit at least the bare minimum (if we have knowledge of first aid) is something that always needs to be done on outdoor trips. Here is a list of basics that may contain a first…

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Activities:Keep fishing and hunting

Keep fishing and hunting waste away from trails and water. While fish and game viscera are a natural part of the ecosystem, if disposed of improperly they can be unsightly. The goal in disposing of fish and game viscera…

friends of river
Outdoor Adventure

Friends of the River

Friends of the River identifies outstanding rivers in California and mobilizes positive citizen action to save them. F.O.R. works in collaboration with individuals, grassroots organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies to preserve, protect, and restore the ecosystems of…