4 Tips for an Incredible NYC Vacation

It’s the city that never sleeps, and if you plan your trip correctly, you won’t be sleeping much either. With so much to see and do in New York City, sleeping is just wasting time! If you’re ready to have your dream vacation in NYC, here are just four tips for success. Knock Things Off […]

Machu Picchu

Adventuring into the Amazon to See the Great Machu Picchu Ruins

Going off the beaten path can range from visiting a new park in your hometown to visiting exotic and faraway countries. Traveling away from your comfort zone to see distant countries can give you a taste of the world while mixing it with some culture shock. The distance traveled often reveals the differences between your […]


Why Triathlon is This Year’s Hottest Outdoor Pursuit

Triathlon is becoming an increasingly popular sport with weekend warriors. These intrepid souls think nothing of swimming across chilly lakes, cycling 100k, and then running a half-marathon. Does that sound appealing? Royalty Free Photo If you are an adventurous type and you’re looking for your next big challenge, taking part in a triathlon could be […]

gym work

How to Step Up Your Game at the Gym

Eating clean, exercising day in, day out, always looking for a performance boost – that’s what every lady out there has to aim at. If you are passionate about your gym progress, you can make it. You know, fitness is a funny thing because our bodies adapt over the time and we always have to […]


Set Sail Off The Coast

Whether you live near a body of water or you have a trip planned to an area where there is water, one of the activities that you should consider doing is parasailing. This activity gives you a different view of the water as well as the shoreline and the city. Keep a few tips in […]


A Family Vacation Unlike Any Other!

Summer Time Adventures! Instead of taking the family to the theme parks that are likely going to be packed full of other families that are all suffering from the heat, you should aim for an adventure that’s a little more unique. A vacation that offers something for everyone is the Lewis and Clark trail vacation. […]


A Place to Indulge in Your Wild West Fantasy!

Closer Than You Think If you’re a fan of Westworld, then you’re likely familiar with the advanced technology used in the TV show. While society may be crawling closer and closer to achieving such feats of technology, it’s certainly not ready yet. As such, if you want to indulge in those fantasies of belonging in […]


Where Can You Find High Quality Fishing Lures?

Are you a person who loves to fish? Are you looking forward to reeling in some very big ones on your next trip? If this is the case, you need to make sure you are properly prepared. Having the best equipment will give you the best chance of catching the amount of fish that you […]


An Expanding World

Many astronomers and scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory as a way to explain how the universe developed. There are also religious people who believe that God created the universe and that there was nothing scientific to the creation at all. Aside from the top suggestions, there are a few other theories of the […]


Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality

There has definitely been a shift in the attitude that people have as far as living what would be considered a normal lifestyle and making their travel dreams of reality. Many people have had the idea that they can only enjoy a vacation once or twice a year when their job permits and then travel […]