The Bruin and the “Strongbox”

My parents met at a dance. Unremarkable as that may seem, the reason they actually began talking was that both seemed to have an unatural love of Old Town wood canoes. In late 1959 they were married, an event to which I owe my very existence, and set off on their honeymoon. The trip was […]


Yellowstone National Park

A good portion of their journey was spent in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This one stop gave rise to more of my father’s campfire stories than any other single event during the journey. One in particular stands out — The Bruin and the “Strongbox.”


Top flight billfishing operation for Venezuela

Capt. Jeff West is permanently moving his fishing operation to Venezuela, and that’s great news for anglers who want to fish La Guaira with a first-class outfitter. Because of the heavy demand, West already has added another boat. Venezuela is one of the great billfishing places in the world. The fall season for white marlin […]