The Three Best Methods of Self-Care

We all want to feel like we’re being taken care of and like our needs are being met. Quite often, the person who is neglecting to take the best care of you is the person who you see in the mirror. With all the pressures of daily life, we frequently forget to tend to our […]

stay warm

7 Effective Ways to Stay Warm Outdoors

Learning how to stay warm outdoors will not only make you feel more comfortable, it could save your life. If outdoor temperatures are cold, you could start suffering from the effects of hypothermia without even realizing it until it’s too late. Here are some of the best ways to keep yourself warm outdoors. Wear Layers […]

winter travel

Four Ways to Stay Warm on Your Winter Travels

While some people wait until spring or summer to travel, others prefer traveling in the winter. You may not have a choice as to when you travel because your family plans a reunion or holiday dinner. Driving in the snow and ice is potentially dangerous because you never know what you might see on the […]


What Should I Look For In A Trip Planning Company?

At some point, many people decide that it’s time to take a vacation. No matter your destination, attaining professional trip planning services is a wonderful way to expedite and optimize the process of things like finding the right travel spot, understanding transportation options, and picking the ideal flight date and time. If you’re ready to […]


Get Ready For Boarding

Staying in a boarding kennel might not be your dog’s idea of a good time, but this option is a benefit if you are going out of town and don’t have anyone to watch your dog or can’t take him with you. There are a few ways that you can prepare your pet for dog […]

Unique and Meaningful Gifts Made from Natural Materials

Finding the best gift for the right occasion may be a challenge if you relegate your shopping to local stores. You may want to avoid the same run-of-the-mill presents that everyone else buys and gives to loved ones and friends. When you want your next gift to stand apart from others at the party, you […]


5 Must-Have Accessories for the Outdoor Woman

Say goodbye to heels and skirts. It’s time to catch your own food, build your own shelter and live your own life! If you’re ready to embrace new adventures as a free and uninhibited woman, here are just five essentials before you strike out in the wilderness. 1. Sports Bra This is one of those […]