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Take the Guesswork Out of Putting in a Well

You’re so excited you could burst. You are about to embark on the great adventure of building a home. It’s going to be the house of your dreams as you and your partner forge ahead with your building plans.…


Living Abroad in Australia’s Natural Playground

Have you ever considered spending a few years living and working abroad? Australia is an excellent choice for long term travel because of its amazing geography and laid back vibe. Out of all of the countries where you could…


Instant Criminal Background Review

When someone is accused and convicted of driving while intoxicated or any other criminal charge, it will appear on their criminal record. The charges of driving while intoxicated are considered criminal offenses (whether misdemeanor or felony). This means that…


Use of solar energy

Solar energy is clean, quiet and infinitely renewable. We could say that it is virtually free if you stay out the cost of a solar panel. In just 15 minutes the sun bombards the earth with more energy than…

Fishing Issues

Shortage of fish & seafood

Today’s enormous demand for fish and seafood cannot possibly be met by today’s supply without irrevocable damage to our fish stocks. As the United States and many other nations have become health-conscious, people are consuming tremendous quantities of fish.…

Fishing Issues

A special report: anglers awake! (before it’s too late)

On the surface, it appears that sportfishing is doing extremely well. Leaf through all the lavish mail order tackle catalogs. Check out the national, regional, local and specialized fishing magazines covering nearly every facet of angling. Flick through a…


Not only the Oceans

I have used examples concerning saltwater species, but equally important issues confront the freshwater angler. Pollution, and particularly acid rain, have destroyed thousands of lakes and rivers that once provided good fishing. There are no fences in air space…

Fishing Issues

The angry commercial fishermen

Commercial fishermen in Florida, and more recently in Louisiana, have conducted skirmishes that could lead to open war on sport fishermen. They feel that some regulations designed to protect the species prevent them from earning a living. How disruptive…