In the woods “Ole Bushy Tail” will play hide and seek; him hiding you seeking. He always keeps a limb or trunk of a tree between you and him. He can be spotted in early morning and late afternoon. Where are the SQUIRRELS? In nut rich woods. M.D. Johnson says, “Memorize this: buckeye, beach, black […]


Crow Hunting

For the die hard hunter there still is some small game that be bagged. That is the common Crow until April 15, 1996. There is an extended hunting season with liberal hunting regulations. Hiding in a hedge row between two fields on Fridays, Sundays or Mondays, two hunters are calling or using an amplified calling […]

Hunting safety

Hunting safety

Safety comes first. Hunting is enjoyable but if you are not safe in hunting then it makes trouble for the hunter. Before you start hunting you could take hunting safety course. It’s make your make hunting safe enjoyable and memorable. Always carry the gun pointing towards the ground or into the sky, never in the […]


Cherokee Guides

Cherokee Hunting Guide Service is a no frills, low cost guide service for those individuals who wish to hire an experienced guide to hunt wild turkey, black bear, deer, and wild boar/hog in the bountiful mountains of Southeastern Tennessee and Southwestern North Carolina. Tennessee hunting will be in the Tellico Ranger District which is one […]


Central Arizona hunting

Licensed guide Dave Carlson will use his tracking experience and familiarity with Arizona to ensure you have an exciting and memorable hunt. Hunt Mt. Lions in rugged Central Arizona when it fits your schedule. The season here runs year around with the best time to hunt being October through April. Unlike many other states that […]


Testing The 300 Coby Ultra Magnum

Wildcatters and cartridge tinkerers seem never to be satisfied with the performance of factory built ammunition thinking they can always do better. In some cases they can, as is the case in many of P. O. Ackley’s designs; however, often their efforts go unrewarded because only marginal performance increases are attained. Imagine our surprise when […]

bird hunting dukato

South Dakota’s Finest Bird Hunting

Hunting at Forester Ranches, located in south central South Dakota, will be a sporting experience you will always remember. We provide our hunters with the best all around bird hunting to be found anywhere. Our most popular game bird is the Ring-necked Pheasant and more hunters come to our area for this wily bird than […]

iron wood

Iron-wood preserve

We are not into the number of shooters but into Quality Southern Style Quail Hunts. We reserve our entire 4000 sq.ft.lodge for each group of a minimum of 4 hunters to a maximum of 5 and their guests. Less than 4 hunters may come, however, the cost will be based on 4 hunters. Guests and […]

bird hunting

Orvis endorsed wing shooting lodge

Located in northwest Kansas, an area long noted for outstanding pheasant and quail hunting, Jayhawk Outfitting is prepared to show you one of the world’s finest wingshooting experiences. Over 18,000 acres of handpicked hunting grounds, picked for its huntability as well as abundant populations of native birds, are located in four large, separate tracts, which […]