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Craig Ranger District

717 Kegan Lake Trail 12 mile from saltwater at head of Kegan Cove in Moira Sound to Kegan Lake. Easy hike along Kegan Creek. Featured in fishing magazines the Kegan Lake area is internationally acclaimed for steelhead, sockeye. and…

Destination Hiking US

Thorne Bay Ranger District

716 Karta River Trail Moderate 4.8 mile hike from mouth of Karta River at Karta Bay to Salmon Lake Cabin. Access is provided to Karta River, Karta Lake, and Salmon Lake cabins. This area lies within the heart of…

Destination Hiking US

Misty Fiords Trails

Hugh Smith Lake Distance (miles): 0.25 Feature: Boca De Quadra to Hugh Smith Lake USGS Topographic Map”Ketchikan”: A-3Punchbowl Lake Distance (miles): 1.0 Feature: Punchbowl Cove to Punchbowl shelter USGS Topographic Map “Ketchikan”: C-3…

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Hiking Trails Near Kake

Cathedral Falls Trail . . . Quarter mile hike to good fishing creek Goose Lake Trail . . . Three quarters of a mile to lake with good fishing, hunting and cross country skiing.…

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Hamilton Creek Trail

This recreation access trail is popular with hunters and anglers.Length (one way): 1 mile Rating: Easiest USGS Maps: Petersburg D-5 and D-6…

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Goose Lake Trail

This trail gives hunters and anglers access to Goose Lake from Kake.Length (one way): 0.75 mile Rating: Easiest USGS Maps: Petersburg D-5 and D-6…

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Cathedral Falls Trail

This recreation access trail leads to the falls on Cathedral Falls Creek. Length (one way): 0.25 mile Rating: More Difficult USGS Maps: Petersburg D-5 and D-6…

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Hiking – Mitkoff Island Trails

A. Blind River Rapids Trail . . . . Short (0.25 mile) boardwalk trail to one of the most popular fishing spots in southeast Alaska B. Cascade Creek Trail . . . 4 miles along a scenic creek…

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Spurt Lake Trail

This primitive trail provides access to Spurt Lake from Thomas Bay.Length (one way): 1.5 miles Rating: More Difficult USGS Map: Sumdum A-3…

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Cascade Creek Trail

This popular trail follows Cascade Creek upstream through cathedral-like timber from the Cascade Creek Cabin to Falls Lake first, then on to the west end of Swan Lake.Length (one way): 4 miles Rating: First 0.5 mile is Easiest; remainder…