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3 Benefits to Planning Your Off Road Trip

Going on adventures is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. When you decide to go off road, you need to make sure that you plan and prepare appropriately. An off road trip planner can…

car camping

Setting out on an adventure

Setting out on an adventure doesn’t have to involve tents and camping in the wilderness. There are plenty of ways to make your way from place to place without spending money on hotels or dropping the nightly fee for…

Fishing Tips

Alaska’s Finest Fishing

Seward Alaska fishing is a fun-filled and memorable adventure for anglers of all ages and whether you and your family are experts or just beginners. You can choose from a variety of charters that will provide all needed rods,…

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Choosing Alternative Ways Of Living

As our population ages, new lifestyles are emerging in ways that are often surprising. Many older people are embracing their later years with new vitality, and a new feeling of wanting to embrace life in ways that feel different,…


6 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Everyone wants the best deal possible. Whether you need to fly to a relatively close city or across the country, it does not mean you have to break the bank. Generally speaking, the best day to buy a plane…


The Three Best Methods of Self-Care

We all want to feel like we’re being taken care of and like our needs are being met. Quite often, the person who is neglecting to take the best care of you is the person who you see in…

Outdoor Stories

Why Not Buy a Timeshare?

Sure, you’ve heard the stories. A nice couple is invited to dinner at an opulent location, like a beautiful restaurant at a very ritzy, upscale hotel in a special destination like Disneyland or Vegas. They are given a presentation…

stay warm

7 Effective Ways to Stay Warm Outdoors

Learning how to stay warm outdoors will not only make you feel more comfortable, it could save your life. If outdoor temperatures are cold, you could start suffering from the effects of hypothermia without even realizing it until it’s…